Women’s Haircut

Compliment your unique hair texture and accentuate your best facial features.

$125 – $300

Men’s Haircut

We specialize in everything from classic men’s cuts to creating a trendy new look.

$125 – $300

Hair Blow-dry

Let us smooth and style your tresses.

$125 – $300

Color Consultation

Set up a hair consultation so we can find a tone that enhances your natural beauty.

$125 – $300

Hair Color Correction

We can remove unwanted hues, restore your hair’s health, make blondes less brassy, and correct any at-home color mistakes.

$125 – $300

Hair Extensions

We use natural extensions, woven into your natural hair to create a thicker, longer head of hair.

$125 – $300

Face Frame Hair Color?

Hair coloring around your face that will highlight your unique angles and bring out the best in your features.

$125 – $300

Full Head Highlights

Highlighting your full head of hair in every section of your head from the nape of your neck to the hairline and everywhere in between.

$125 – $300

Hair Gloss/Toner

Help seal in an extra four to six weeks of shine and can correct color balance.

$50 +

Hair Moisturizing Treatment

Pamper your locks with the ultimate spa treatment that infuses botanical extracts to condition thirsty hair and impart shine.

$75 +

One Process Hair Color (OPC)

Lighten or darken your hair or just areas of it, such as ends or roots.

$150 +

Partial Hair Highlights

Break up a hair color that is too flat or one-dimensional.

$250 +

Full Hair Up-do

Add instant glamour with upswept hair that ranges in style from casual-sexy chignons to artfully arranged special event hair.

$$175 +

Partial Hair Up-do

Let us help you create a simple, elegant hair style by enjoying the polished “done” look of an updo and the long look of hair that frames the face.

$150 +

Hair Relaxer

Relaxer hair treatment designed to straighten extremely curly hair and make it easier to manage.

$300 +

Hair Color Smudge

Smudging in micro highlights will extend the life of your color and soften any root growth.

$125 +

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